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Kissing in the Ballroom

Daniel's Vineyard Engagement Session

This engaged couple sits on a blue sofa positioned under a light on the wall of exposed brick that has been painted white behind them. This photo was taken in the upper ballroom at Daniel's Vineyard, once open to the public Nathan's Vineyard has now made a switch from being open to the public to exclusively producing private events, including weddings. The venue can accomadate up to 250 guests but on this day it only needed to hold two people and their photographer. They sat and chatted and the bride-to-be said "kiss me." Her groom was all to happy to oblige and he leaned in to the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I was honored to photograph the moment, preserving it forever for them to revisit long after they have been married, for their grandkids to see one day how they were once upon a time.

The images we create mean so much, not only to the couples we photograph, but to the generations that will come after them. We are creating heirlooms.

Location: 9061 N 700 W, McCordsville, IN 46055.