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Show off the Engagement Ring

Industry Indianapolis Engagement Session

It won't be long and there will be a wedding ring accompanying the engagement ring so it's always fun to show off the bride-to-be's left hand in engagement photos. This future Mrs drapes her left hand around her fiancee's neck showing the engagement ring off to my camera. I capture the moment, the couple is clearly having so much fun and only the ring is in focus. Our future bride can't wait to marry the love of her life and this ring is so important to her. This is a photo this couplek will treasure long after they are married.

Let's be real, winter can be brutal in Indianapolis. Unless you are going for the dead forest look (and more power to you if you are!) it's going to be challenging to capture an outdoor engagement session from November to April. Even in more urban areas, it's still cold here and if you're cold, you are going to look cold in your photos. Industry provides a fantastic indoor location to have your engagement session in a temperature controlled environment. The building once was a machiene tool shop and now is one of the trendiest industrial chic wedding venues in Indianapolis.

Bonus: Industry has it's own parking lot!

Location: 545 Kentucky Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225.