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Ritz Charles Chapel and Garden Pavilion | Wedding Day

Sarah and Jack are absolutely lovely humans who were surrounded by adoring friends and family on their unseasonably warm February wedding day. The bride’s mom had been married in a blizzard almost 30 years ago leading her to by wedding insurance, probably insuring that her daughter’s wedding day would be gorgeous.

The bride and groom met at a party while attending Ball State and while on a cruise Jack asked Sarah to marry him with a Tiffany & Co ring. Months of planning led to this day at the elegant Ritz Charles in Carmel, Indiana.

The wedding party got ready at Hyatt Place. The hotel is so close to the venue that they share a parking lot. We started the day photographing the details while the bridal party laughed and chatted in matching pajamas while getting hair and makeup ready. The bride’s fragrance of choice for her wedding day was “I Do” by Anthropologie.

The groom’s details are important too. He pinned this photo of his late grandfather into his suit so that he would carry him with him on this very special day.

While the Ritz Charles offers multiple beautiful ballrooms for a wedding day celebration the couple chose the chapel for their ceremony and the stunning Garden Pavilion for their reception. The Garden Pavillion allows for so much natural light, it’s a photographer’s dream.

Sarah and Jack wanted to see each other before the ceremony so we had a first look on the patio outside of the pavillion. The photos tell the story better than any words I could write.

Because the couple chose to do a first look we had time to do the bridal party photos before the ceremony.

The ceremony was held in the chapel and the officiant was the bride’s cousin. During the nuptuials the couple chose to have a ring warming ceremony. The wedding rings were passed between the members of the wedding party, as they held them in their hands they imbue them with their love and blessings for the couple so that when the couple puts them on they will carry the positive energy of their loved ones with them.

After the ceremony we took a few photos with the couple.

We came into the garden pavillion for the first dance, cake cutting and dinner.

The parent dances.

Speeches by the maid of honor and the best man.

The couple chose to have an anniversary dance, this is a tradition where couples of all ages are brought to the dance floor. As music plays the DJ dismisses couples from the dance floor based on the length of time they have been married until only the couple married the longest remains dancing.

We left as the bride and groom celebrated on the dance floor before leaving for their honeymoon cruise the next day.

Sarah and Jack’s wedding day was made possible by this incredible vendor team:

The Best Way To Get a Photo with All Your Wedding Guests: The Table Dash | A Wedding Photographer’s Guide

While you are meticulously planning all the details of your perfect wedding day (and guest list) there is a reception event you may want to consider, the table dash. This wedding trend will allow you to capture a fun photo with all of your wedding guests in less than five minutes.

The photo dash is curated between your DJ and me, usually after the grand entrance. During the length of one song, we sprint from table to table capturing a photo at each table. You get a photo with every wedding guest at your beautifully decorated tables but by the nature of doing it at a sprint, the photos are more fun, and candid and they take less time. An announcement has been made and everyone is already in their seats so you don’t have to worry about someone wandering off to the bar or the bathroom.

A Table Dash in Three Steps

  1. Choose the perfect song. You will want at least 3 minutes and 30 seconds. We have always been able to complete the dash inside of one song but if we didn’t finish we can always have the song start over.
  2. The DJ will make an announcement to have everyone take their seats. This insures that everyone is in their seats, no one is in the bathroom or at the bar.
  3. Your perfect song starts and we rush from table to table taking a photo with every guest at your wedding.

The result: You get a photo with all of your wedding guests and everyone has fun.

You can always go the traditional route of visiting every table during dinner. This does take significantly longer and there is no guarantee that everyone will be at the table for me to take a photo. If a friend or family member holds you up you might run out of time to visit every table. Additionally, there are generally people eating and dirty plates on the tables.

Bubble Exit Black Iris Estate Wedding photo

Black Iris Estate | Indianapolis Wedding Day

Bride's bouquet photo Black Iris wedding Carmel, Indiana
Willow Chapel Black Iris wedding Carmel, Indiana
Bride and groom kiss in the aisle Black Iris wedding Carmel, Indiana
Toasting photo Black Iris wedding Carmel, Indiana

Payton and Jacob met in college. They were friends first, even giving each other relationship advice before finally ending up together. Jacob proposed in the fall of 2020 and the couple spent nearly two years planning their perfect wedding day.

It was obvious from the moment we arrived at Black Iris Estate in Carmel, Indiana that Payton and Jacob’s loved ones were ready to celebrate and make sure this couple had their best day ever. It wasn’t just a wedding day, the day was shared with Payton’s grandma Martha who cebrated her 84th birthday as a member of the wedding party. She one of the couple’s “flower grannies.”.

We started our day photographing the details. The bride planned to walk down the aise in a stunning pair of Manolo Blahniks. I had seen them on her Instagram and was soooo excited to photograph them.

Every time someone was about to cry (and there were a lot of tears!) they would say “Dali lama”. The bride’s mom presented her with a piece of lace from her wedding dress and a photo of Payton with her late grandfather to tie around her bouquet. Even I had to say Dali Llama. Payton was joined in the getting ready room by her mom, two aunts, and grandma. She wore grandma Martha’s pearls.

Payton’s wedding party included Jacob’s sisters and her best friend’s throughout her life. Jacob’s side of the party included his brothers as well as Payton’s brother. His best man was his brother Teddy. The bride had a first look with her bridesmaids, her dad, her brother, and finally her husband.

The couple had their ceremony in the Willow Chapel at Black Iris Estate. This is an absoloutely incredible outdoor ceremony space. A string quartet played as Payton was walked down the aisle by both her mom and dad. Jacob cried when he saw Payton, even after a first look. They ended the ceremony with a bubble exit.

The couple chose Heavenly Sweets to bake their wedding cake and Payton was really looking forward to desert. They skipped cutting the cake all together and shared their first bites with forks.

The bride and groom took dance lessons leading up to their wedding day for their first dance. The bride and her dad also took dance lessons for a fabulous cheorographed father daughter dance. The groom danced with his mom and grandma Martha. The dance floor opened with the anniversary dance and in lieu of a bouquet toss the bride gave the toss bouquet to the couple who had been married the longest, her aunt and uncle came in the winners at 45 years.

Jacob’s family had some reception traditions including an absolutely incredible group dance to Paradise by the dashboard lights by Meatloaf and a Polish flag has been at 144 family weddings. The rest of the night was filled with dancing.

We didn’t get a sunset for photos but the bride was ready with a bottle of champagne for champagne pop photos and they turned out completely amazing!

We are so honored that Payton, Jacob and their families trusted us to capture this incredible wedding day, they are truly lovely humans. We wish them a lifetime of love and adventure with their cat army.

If you’re looking for a venue in Carmel, Indiana Black Iris Estate is exceptional. The staff brought this day together flawlessly.

Thank you to the amazing vendor team that brought this day to life, Payton referred to her vendors as her “Dream Team.” You were all wonderful to work with. Black Iris Estate, Bokay Florist, Heavenly Sweets, DJ Joe Sheets, Clark Videography, The Wedding Studio Carmel, Minted, Indy Limo rental, MUA Lori Boykin, Hair Stylist Maggie Flemming.

Indianapolis Engagement Session | Newfields

The dip pose captured during an Indianapolis engagement session.
Black and white engagement picture captured by the couple's engagement photographer in Indianapolis.
Sunflower engagement photo captured at Newfields in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Engagement photo captured during an engagement session at Newfields in Indianapolis.
Engagement picture on the bridge at Newfields.

Amanda and Dalton had so many reasons to choose Newfields for their engagement session. Dalton proposed to Amanda in front of Lilly House and they captured their first picture as a couple there to name a few.

Amanda wore a super cute white dress that tied in the back, a denim Mrs. Guter shirt embellished with pearls and heels. This girl can do all the walking in heels! Dalton wore a white shirt with lobsters on it to start the session. (If you know the Friends reference you know. They hold the claws!) They changed into their more casual option, Amanda only had one shoe with her so we captured the end of the session with her barefoot.

Newfields has no lack of beautiful backdrops and every time we shoot there we find new places to capture amazing engagement pictures. During this session, we found a willow tree and as I wondered out loud if we could get inside it Amanda discovered that we could! We wandered through the property taking photos until it closed.

Amanda and Dalton ended their night with a date at Applebees, because they’re Fancy Like. We are always so happy when our couples take time to connect with each other following their session. If you’re already dressed up take advantage of it!

We completely adore this couple and are so honored that they have trusted us to photograph their love story as they are photographers themselves. (No pressure!) They are so much fun to work with and their interactions with each other make amazing photos. We are so excited for their April wedding day.

If you are looking for a beautiful location for your engagement session in Indianapolis, Newfields is absolutely perfect! The property is full of gardens with blooming flowers, and a nature park, and while photography is not permitted inside the historic Lilly House the outside architecture is stunning.

An engagement session is a fabulous way to document this chapter in your love story. It gives us an opportunity to work together before your wedding day and for you to get comfortable in front of the camera.

8 Tips for getting through the hardest part of your wedding day: The Family Formals

This is the part of the wedding day where we capture the formal posed photos everyone expects to see in the final gallery. The photos of the bride with her mom and dad, the bride and groom with mom, dad, siblings, etc.

Family pictures, Indianapolis wedding photographer

These photos may not necessarily be the most fun to organize but they are often some of the most treasured after your wedding day is done. It’s not very often we have all of our loved ones dressed up and in the same place.

Family formals, Indianapolis wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, it is my goal to capture these photos quickly, get you to the reception, and have some fun along the way. Here are eight tips for making that happen.

  1. Tell everyone where they need to be and when. If you know your brother always runs late, tell him to be there a little early.
  2. Have a people wrangler (or two) who know the important people and can help get everyone where they need to be. Every family has stragglers.
  3. Let me know beforehand the names of everyone you want photographed. It’s a lot easier to call your family members up by name and let the group know whose on deck. I send out a questionnaire two months before your wedding day asking for this information.
  4. Make sure you have included enough time on your timeline. Each family grouping takes about 4 minutes. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time taking photos on your big day capture your immediate family during the portrait portion and have the DJ make announcements for the larger groups at the reception.
  5. Are there any family situations I need to be aware of? Are there divorced parents who would prefer not to be photographed together? I would hate to create an awkward situation for anyone. I ask about these in that questionnaire I mentioned earlier.
  6. Know where you want to capture these photos or if you want (I’m happy to scout a locations if you need me to). If you choose an outdoor location ideally we want a space where the sun won’t be shining directly into your eyes and make sure to have a rain plan.
  7. Whenever possible start with grandparents and small children. I won’t make your grandparents stand around waiting for their turn, we want them to be able to sit comfortably as soon as they are finished. Small children have short attention spans and are the least likely to cooperate for long periods of time. If we don’t get the shot we want initially we have the opportunity to try again later.
  8. This is not a time for family members to take iphone photos. Everyone needs to know where to look and you will want all eyes on my camera. If I have to pause in between family groupings for aunt Sue to snap a pic this part of your wedding day will take so much longer, frustrating everyone involved and keeping you from your party. You can give your family access to the professionally edited gallery when it is delivered post wedding day and if any family member wants iPhone photos they are welcome to capture those after I am finished or at the reception.
Wedding day Family photos, Indianapolis wedding photographer.

Unless your family naturally lines up in perfect lines this is a part of the day where I will take complete creative control. This is one of the reasons why you hire a professional photographer. I will direct everyone to pose in the most flattering way possible and to stand where they will be seen in the photos.

Wedding day family formals. Indianapolis wedding photographer.

During the family formal portion of the wedding day we will only capture photos including the bride and groom. If wedding guests would like photos that don’t include you we are happy to take those during the cocktail hour or reception. I always try to get photos of your parents and grandparents at other points during your wedding day. It has likely been a long time since they have had a professional portrait taken.

The goal is to take images you will treasure forever and let you enjoy your day.

Wedding photographer capture images of bride and groom spraying champagne at the rehearsal dinner.

5 Reasons to have your Wedding Photographer at Your Rehearsal

Your rehearsal dinner is a time to run through your wedding ceremony and share a celebratory meal with your family and your wedding party. This event typically occurs a day or so before your wedding. Often you have the practice at your venue and dinner at a restaurant, though sometimes you are able to do everything in the same location.

1. It gives you a chance to get comfortable with me and my camera around.

Most people tell me how awkward it is to have their picture taken, even when they tell me their wedding photos are the most important thing to them. If you have photography coverage for your rehearsal dinner I will be there with my camera for a couple of hours. Then, when I show up on your wedding day to take photos you are comfortable with me around.

2. You have another chapter of your wedding story documented

Your engagement is such a special time in your love story and the rehearsal dinner marks the end of it. This is an event you will want to document through photos.

3. I can learn who all your important people are by name.

Why is this important? People love to be addressed by their names and it gives me a chance to learn them all. That way, when I am taking photos on your wedding day we all know each other and I can address all your important people by name. Especially during the wedding party and family formal portions of the wedding day.

4. I can get a feel for your layout and how to create the best wedding day images for you.

Even if I’ve captured weddings at your venue a hundred times your wedding day is unique. Capturing your run-through allows me to see your perfect vision for your best day ever. It also gives me time to think about your venue over a day or so, allowing me to come up with creative ideas for your wedding images.

5. We can create photos like this without a looming timeline.

Depending on how your wedding day goes we could run tight on time for fun photos. Additionally, you could grow tired of having your picture taken or maybe you just want to enjoy your party. Your rehearsal dinner is the perfect time to capture a few extra images.

Champagne pop photo

Unfortunately, I am not always available to capture rehearsal dinners due to my wedding schedule. If you want rehearsal dinner coverage we book 8 weeks in advance.

Garment Factory Wedding | The One Where They Got Married

Wedding Day at The Garment Factory Franklin Indiana

This adventurous couple has climbed Mount Reiner, camped in Yosemite National Park, visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and planned a wedding and honeymoon during a global pandemic.

Getting married during a historical event brought about new challenges and traditions for both couples and guests. This couple used colored bands to let guests choose their level of comfort. Green: You’re okay with hugs and handshakes. Yellow: You’re okay with talking at a distance and no physical contact please. Red: You are keeping your distance. Despite masks and social distancing, this couple was able to have a completely amazing wedding day.

Photo of COVID wedding day details
Photo of COVID wedding day details

The Garment Factory in Franklin, Indiana is a spacious industrial-chic venue and one of our favorite places to capture wedding days. The venue was originally built in the 1920s as a factory where seamstresses specialized in the production of undergarments. Later it went on to produce military uniforms and the uniforms for the movie Hoosiers. The venue is over 10,000 square feet with three event spaces, a gorgeous bridal suite, and The Garment Factory can accommodate up to 450 guests for a wedding day.

Even though the bride and groom chose to have a first look…

wedding Day First Look Garment Factory Franklin IN

this groom started to cry before his bride ever walked down the aisle.

Groom Wedding Day reaction Garment  Factory Franklin IN

The bride’s brother performed a reading from Friends during the ceremony. “I’ll be there for you when the rain starts to pour, I’ll be there for you like I’ve been there before, I’ll be there for you, ’cause you’re there for me too.”

Wedding Day Garment Factory Franklin IN

They incorporated a sand ceremony into their wedding. The sand ceremony is a unity tradition where the couple take turns pouring sand from separate containers into a single container representing the two coming together as one. The container the sand is poured into is then kept by the couple as a keepsake of their wedding ceremony. It’s also super fun to photograph!

Wedding Day Sand Ceremony , Garment Factory, Franklin IN

The new husband and wife had their first dance to Conversations in the Dark by John Legend.

Bride and groom first dance

The bridesmaids all wore matching pajamas for getting ready in, but one fabulous bridesmaid changed back into hers during the reception and busted a move in them on the dance floor.

Bride and Bridesmaids in matching pajamas Garment Factory wedding day Franklin IN

This bride and I connected over our mutual love of Friends and Harry Potter but another thing we have in common is our inability to eat gluten. She had the best gluten-free wedding cake. Ever. But, I must tell you that the best part of this wedding for me as a wedding photographer was the bride’s reaction to her wedding photos. She text me over the next couple of days after her gallery was delivered to tell me how much she loved her photos and how she couldn’t stop looking at them. That is always our goal, to transport our couples back to the best day of their live through photographs.

Wedding photo gluten-free wedding cake Garment Factory, Franklin, IN

This beautiful couple was surrounded by amazing people who obviously love them very much. We are so honored to document their wedding day and wish them a lifetime of love, magic, and adventure.

Wedding day photo Garment Factory Events Franklin IN
Wedding photographer blog The Hobson Kokomo

The Hobson | Wedding Day

Chris and Caitlin’s July wedding was originally scheduled for May of 2020, but like so many couples this year it was delayed due to a global pandemic. The wedding photos might look a little different with guests in masks, but the celebration was still the same.

The chosen venue for this beautiful wedding day was The Hobson located in downtown Kokomo, Indiana. Built in 1893, it once housed the Kokomo City Building. The venue’s third story is now home to a stunning two-story ballroom that can accommodate up to 175 guests. It features large windows and stunning getting ready suites for both the bride and groom.

Chris and Caitlin chose not to see each other before the ceremony but Caitlin did have a first look with her dad. There is no doubt that this bride has a very special relationship with her father, they even had a secret handshake.

Sneak Peek with Dad
First Look with Father

Chris started to cry before Caitlin even walked down the aisle.

After the ceremony we captured the couple’s portraits outside The Hobson.

Bride and Groom Running

The couple dated all through high school and college. They love Disney World and going to concerts. This couple is incredibly playful in their interactions with each other. They are clearly so much fun, it made sense when Chris and Caitlin made their grand entrance to the reception by performing The Git Up.

The bride’s sister was the maid of honor. She shared the story of how the couple met during her toast to the newlywed husband and wife giving single men everywhere hope by letting them know that sliding up in DM’s does occasionally work.

Chris and Caitlin chose cupcakes in multiple flavors from Indulgence Bakery in Kokomo for their wedding day celebration. They also added a small cake so that they could have their traditional “cut the cake” moment. Some couples delicately feed each other their first bite of cake, this couple not so delicately smashed it into each other’s faces.

First dance was to When You Look Me in the Eyes by The Jonas Brothers. The dancing didn’t stop there, the bride and her bridesmaids performed the dance to the Hoedown Throwdown by Hannah Montana while wearing face masks.

The night ended with a gorgeous sparkler exit outside the glass arch that is the entrance to the venue.

Wedding Day Sparkler Exit
Sparkler Exit Kiss

Chris and Caitlin are kind and gracious people surrounded by lovely families. They are clearly loved by all in attendance. We wish them a lifetime of love and adventure.

Some amazing vendors also made this day happen. The Hobson provided the venue and day of coordination. The dress came from Nancy’s Bridal Boutique. Nameless Catering provided dinner. The cake and cupcakes were made by Indulgence Bakery, and DJ Connection brought the dance party.

Zionsville Engagement Session | Rescheduled Wedding Day

We thought we would be celebrating Haley and Tyler’s wedding this weekend at The Omni Severin Hotel in downtown Indianapolis but unfortunately they have had to postpone the big day due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hearts break for this couple and all couples who have been affected by this. Thankfully love isn’t cancelled and we are excited to celebrate with them on their new date later this year.

When capturing a couple’s engagement session I like to have them pick a starting point and we go for a walk. Our couple chose Zionsville, Indiana to capture their engagement session. We walked down South Main Street through the center of the village. Zionsville is the perfect place for picturesque engagement photos, lights hang in the trees, there are white picket fences and exposed brick everywhere.

As we walk I look for natural interactions, I offer prompts to help with posing, and we get the opportunity to know each other better. I love when I have the opportunity to work with couples before their wedding day. When the day finally arrives it takes away a little stress because you know what to expect from each other.

We ended our session at Heritage Trail Park just on the other side of downtown Zionsville.

My favorite photo from this engagement session was taken through these yellow flowers in a parking lot at the park. This photo proves that awesome images can be captured anywhere.

We hope Haley and Tyler are still able to celebrate together in some way. We look forward to being able to capture your wedding day surrounded by the people who mean the most to them.

Elisha Kaldahl is a wedding photographer located in Indianapolis, Indiana specializing in wedding photographer. She has answered all the questions the internet tells you to ask your wedding photographer.

The Questions |The Answers | Your Wedding Photographer.

If you have been on the internet planning your wedding for any period of time you have likely come across all of the articles that tell you what questions to ask when hiring a wedding photographer. I have answered them all for you!

1. Is my wedding date available?

Check in here to see if your wedding date is available.

2. What style do you specialize in?

While we primarily specialize in photojournalism, we utilize a variety of styles to capture a wedding day. Photojournalism can also be referred to as candid or documentary style photography. This means that we do our very best to let you enjoy your big day without producing many overly posed photographs and capture the events of the day as they naturally unfold. We want you to look back on the memories of your wedding day and really be taken back to your day, to relive the excitement and love you were feeling. We do not want you to look at a photo and think about the things your photographer made you do to create it.

That does not mean that we only capture unposed or candid photos. We will guide and pose you through the traditional parts of the day like the family formals. (That is unless you have family that naturally congregates into pretty lines.) During the couple’s portraits portion of the day we will walk you through prompts to encourage natural and beautiful interactions. We will also use lighting, angles, and other tools to take artistic photos as well.

3. What exactly is included in your packages?

Every one of our wedding packages includes hours of coverage, (hours vary depending on the package you choose), online delivery of all professionally edited, high resolution images, print release, assistance with timeline prep and planning, and a personalized app that holds up to 100 of your favorite photos. Our most popular collections include two photographers and wedding albums.

If you don’t see what you are looking for we are always happy to customize a package to meet your needs.

4. How long after the wedding do we get to see the photos?

We upload sneak peaks to Instagram from your wedding day! Beyond that we upload additional sneaks to social media in the days following your wedding.

5. How long after the wedding will we receive the images? How will they be delivered?

Wedding photos can take up to 6-8 weeks for delivery. The memories of your special day will be delivered via an online gallery where they will remain on my server for 365 days. During that time you may download them onto an external hard drive or USB, I also have USBs available. After 365 your photos will be stored in archive.

6. Will you be my actual photographer, or will it be one of your associates?

I will be the one who photographs your wedding day and works with you to develop your timeline leading up to it. Brian, my husband, is my committed second photographer so my couples are never surprised about who will be working with them on the wedding day.

7. Will there be a second shooter or any assistants? Is there an additional fee for each?

Let me start by explaining the difference between a second shooter and an assistant. A second shooter is a qualified photographer whose job it is to photograph your wedding day. A second photographer may capture moments from an angle the lead photographer is not covering, (i.e. the groom’s face because the lead is covering the bride) a separate event, (such as groom prep) or those in-between moments such as guest reactions. An assistant’s job is to assist with lighting, cameras, lenses, etc.

A second shooter is included in our most popular wedding collections. Depending on the complexity of the wedding day I will have an assistant. There is never a fee for either.

8. Do you have backup photographers who will shoot the wedding if you’re sick?

I will start by saying I have never missed a wedding day. I am married to a photographer and part of the wedding photography community in Indianapolis. In the event of a highly unlikely actual emergency I would be able to replace myself with someone of equal quality.

9. What is your timeline for my wedding day?

Every wedding day is unique and so is every timeline. I will work with you to create the timeline that works best for your wedding day and your vision for your wedding day photos.

10. Can I request a specific list of shots I would like?

Absolutely. This is your wedding day and what’s important is that we capture what matters most to you.

Before your wedding day I send out a detailed questionnaire including who you would like included in the family formals list, what parts of your day are you most excited about and and any additional shots you want me to capture.

11. Have you shot at my venue?

I have captured wedding days at many of the venues in Indianapolis so there is a very good chance that I have shot at your venue. In the event that I have not captured a wedding day at your venue I am happy to scout it out.

12. Will all the photos be edited? Is that done before I see the proofs?

Yes! I will edit all of your wedding day photos. Editing includes color balancing, and slight adjustments to vibrance and contrast. If you would like to see before and after edited photos you can view them on my Insta-stories under “tap to edit” @elishakphoto.

13. Do you shoot both digital and film?

I only shoot digital photography.

14. Do you have a contract?

Yes. I have a contract that is mutually beneficial to both parties written by an attorney. It’s available to you via my secure online booking portal. I encourage you to read through it and you will be provided with a copy. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

15. What is the deposit and total fee?

A $500 retainer and signed contract hold your wedding date. The remaining balance of your chosen wedding collection is due 30 days prior to your wedding day.

16. How many weddings do you do a weekend?

I only ever shoot one wedding per day with a maximum of three per weekend.

17. Do you have insurance?

Yes. I have business liability insurance. If your venue requires a certificate of insurance I am happy to provide one.

18. Do you charge a travel fees?

Within the state of Indiana we do not charge travel fees. If you are planning a destination wedding outside of the state of Indiana we will create a custom quote to capture your special day anywhere in the world.

19. Can we order prints from you?

You can order professional quality prints from my lab directly from your online gallery.

Included in all my collections is a print release allowing for you to print from any lab you choose.

20. Will we receive high resolution images?

Yes. I only deliver high resolution images to my clients.

21. What will you wear to my wedding?

I typically wear black on a wedding day. I find that most wedding vendors are wearing black to the event and it allows me to blend into the background. However, if you are having an afternoon garden party wedding and would like another color palate I am happy to accommodate.

22. Do you offer engagement sessions? Do you cover pre-wedding events such as the rehearsal dinner?

Absolutely! We do offer a collection that includes an engagement session, however we are happy to capture any pre-event session that you would like.

23. Can I share my photos on social media?

Absolutely! These are your photos of your wedding day, you are absolutely free to share them on any social media platform you would like.

24. What kind of equipment do you use and do you have back-ups?

I am a Nikon shooter. On most every wedding day I use a variety of full-frame Nikon cameras and Sigma Art lenses to capture the moments that mean the most to you. For at least part of the day I wear a holster that allows me to carry two cameras with a variety of focal lengths to capture your day. I also bring a variety of lighting equipment and detail styling accessories.

25. Will you co-ordinate with our videographer?

Absolutely. I often work with videographers.

I will take the time to coordinate with as many of your vendors prior to the wedding day as possible, including your videographer. I find that photographers and videographers work very well together, we have the same goal, to serve our client.

If you’re looking for more checkout my website at elishakphoto.com. My favorite way to answer all of these questions and anything else you want to know is over coffee or a cocktail. We would love to hear all about the plans you are making for your wedding day and what means the most to you!

Did I forget anything? Please let me know in the comments!