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Faux Sunset

Engagement Picture

It had rained on and off all day and the sky was threatening more would fall on the day this couple had chosen to capture their engagement photos at Newfields in Indianapolis, Indiana. We schedule engagement sessions during “golden hour,” the time of day when the sun is lower in the sky. It’s the perfect light and allows me to create amazing images. As much as we wish that every scheduled engagement session was guaranteed a perfect sunset, that just doesn’t always happen in central Indiana.

If our couples choose to chance the weather (providing it doesn’t endanger the safety of people or equipment) we have mastered lighting techniques to create images anywhere, like the faux sunset in this image. We framed the couple on the bridge inside Newfields with the tree branches hanging low around them. We used a light with a CTO (a color replicating sunlight) gel to make it appear that the sun was setting behind the bridge.

Newfields requires a photography pass to capture images on the property. Had we needed to reschedule this engagement session due to weather the process is as easy as sending an email.

Location: 4000 N Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46208.