Planning your wedding can feel overwhelming but choosing your wedding photographer is easy. Elisha K Photo tells your love story through beautiful, timeless photographs that live on for generations to come.


We are Brian and Elisha!

We think date nights are super important.

More about Elisha

lover of books, brunch, and coffee cups. Seriously, I think brunch may be the most perfect meal ever. I am married to Brian who is not only my partner in marriage, but my partner in business and pretty much my favorite human on the planet. He is my second shooter on every wedding day.

I have loved photography for as long as I have memories. I was completely fascinated with the Polaroid and the Kodak 110 cameras as a child and my love has continued to grow throughout my life. My passion for photography developed into my career, capturing moments and memories, telling stories of people through the lens of my camera. If I'm not behind my camera you might find me reading a book with a good cup of coffee (actually you might find me anywhere with a good cup of coffee), seeking the perfect brunch, watching football, CrossFitting, or just seeking new adventure with my family! We have eight amazing kiddos so adventure is always easy to find.

More about Brian

Brian loves watching the Colts and the Pacers and still reads the sports page in an actual paper newspaper every morning. He also enjoys long walks with his wife, preferably on a beach but our neighborhood will do.

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