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We document every moment of your wedding day in timeless photographs.

Rings in Bride's Bouquet


You're getting married!

As a former bride, I remember all of the anticipation, excitement, and stresses of planning my wedding day, choosing the dress, the venue, and inviting my friends and family to celebrate with me and my future husband. We were dreaming about our perfect wedding day and the marriage we would build together. When our wedding day finally came it was even more beautiful than I imagined it could be and it went by in a whirlwind. At the end of your wedding day, when the cake has been cut and the dress has been hung your photographs will be what you have to look back on from is sure to be the best day of your life. You deserve to be able to enjoy your wedding day as stress-free as possible with beautiful memories that last forever.

Now, not only am I married to my husband, but we work together too! We are Brian and Elisha Kaldahl, a husband and wife wedding photography team in Indianapolis, Indiana. Because we care so much about creating the best possible experience for our clients, we do things a little differently than most wedding photographers, we only capture weddings and engagements. Our philosophy is, "Do one thing and do it crazy well." We don't shoot, family photos, newborns, seniors, or anything else. We strive to be the absolute best at wedding photography because these moments cannot be recreated and they deserve to be preserved forever.

No Stress

You will be able to relax knowing that we are creating our best work, getting every shot possible, and fully and completely telling the story of your wedding day, including those moments you may not even see while you’re busy getting married.

Because we care so much about documenting your wedding day, we include a second shooter in every wedding collection ensuring that we don't miss a moment of your big beautiful day. We know how important your wedding day is and we consider it a privilege to be able to be a part of your event as you begin your journey into the adventure of marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your investment in preserving your wedding day memories depends on several factors including the hours of photography coverage needed to insure we get all the important moments on your timeline for your wedding day. You can find more information on my investment page.
On average we deliver between 50-100 photos per hour of coverage to your online gallery. The number of photos we take is determined by your unique wedding day.

Factors that determine the number of images you will receive include the size of your family and bridal party and the number of events on your timeline.

Additionally, we deliver all of your wedding photos in both color and black and white duplicates.
Yes! We have created collections with our most popular products and services but are happy to work with you to create exactly what you need to document and preserve your wedding day.

You can view the collections on my investment page.
Our photography style is primarily photojournalistic, meaning we capture the moments of your wedding day as they naturally unfold and do not produce many overly posed images. Think candid. This allows us to authentically tell the story of your day. We create timeless images that you will look back on twenty years from now and even though some things will have gone out of style your wedding pictures will still be beautiful.

When you look back on your wedding photos we want you to relive all the emotions of your wedding day and not the things your photographer made you do.

We know that it's uncomfortable for most people to be in front of the camera. When capturing your family formals and wedding party portraits we will put everyone where they need to be and pose them. We have fun prompts too to let everyone you love show their personalities!

When it's time to take portraits with your new spouse we will encourage you to naturally interact.

Contact us here! We can meet for coffee or cocktails and discuss your day or I can send you over to my secure client portal to book your wedding date.
Yes, photographers with passports traveling the world. Where you go, we go.

Travel rates vary depending on dates and destinations, contact us here for more information.

There are no travel fees for wedding days inside the state of Indiana.
Yes. I am a full-time wedding photographer and therefore I maintain comprehensive coverage on my business and equipment. Should your venue require a COI (certificate of insurance) I am both happy and able to provide one.
I am relentless about protecting my clients' wedding day images and have multiple backups. If you are curious as to what I mean by that here is how it works:

My cameras have dual memory card slots, meaning that on your wedding day I am making a copy of every image I capture on two memory cards. When I leave your wedding I physically secure those memory cards. Before I go to bed I have downloaded the images from those memory cards onto two external hard drives and uploaded them into a photo management software and Lightroom. Additionally, I do not write over the memory cards from your wedding day until I have delivered your gallery to you.
If you count the total number of backups, I have five copies of every image from your wedding day. I promise you that I will protect your wedding photos as if they are my own.
Yes! We are hybrid wedding photographers meaning that we can capture both photo and video on your big day!
It depends on the size of your wedding party and your timeline of the day.
I will send out a detailed questionnaire two months prior to your wedding date which will help me to build your photography timeline so that you can be certain that you will have enough coverage for your best day ever.
Every so often a couple will ask if they can see a full gallery of images from a wedding we have photographed.

The answer is yes, with this caveat, remember that you are looking at my technical skills and coverage as a photographer on a wedding day another bride has likely been envisioning since she was twelve. She will likely have chosen a different dress and decor than you will. There will be moments included in her gallery that mean something to her but you might think are silly. She may choose to have fewer portraits than you would like. You can’t compare any other wedding day to the day you are imagining.

I implore you to ask yourself when looking at another couple's gallery of photos, do I like the lighting and style of the photographer?

I have gone back to my roots and started capturing some of your wedding day (up to one roll of film) with my Olympus OM2, a 35mm SLR camera.
Whether you have been dreaming about your wedding day since you were twelve or if you only thought about it for the first time once you got that ring on your finger, chances are you've looked at Pinterest. Maybe you've even created a board as you started planning your wedding day.
Yes, I am happy to see what you are envisioning for your wedding photos. Please tell me what it is that you love about the images you have pinned.
Let me check! Contact us here.

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