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Everything you need to know and pro-tips from a local wedding photographer.

Choosing your venue is at or near the top of your wedding planning to-do list, (followed closely by choosing your photographer!) Booking your venue cements your wedding date and sets the tone for your wedding. This is when your planning really starts.

Your vibe might be romantic, elegant, classic, rustic, modern, or industrial chic. You have so many options when choosing a wedding venue in and around Indianapolis to celebrate the best day of your life! Barns, mansions, ballrooms, unique and historic venues, the Indianapolis area has it all! We have compiled a list to help you get started, including the best parts of photographing at each venue and a list of questions to consider when choosing your perfect venue.

Happy Planning!

Things to consider when choosing a wedding venue?

When you’re ready to set the date! This is where all the wedding planning starts. Venues book out as far as 18-24 months in advance.
If you are flexible with your date this isn’t an issue. If you’ve chosen a date and you want to stick to it a venue’s availability is important. In Indiana, fall dates are extremely popular.
It’s important to have a general idea of how many people will be celebrating with you when choosing where your celebration will be. If you want to have 200 guests but the venue can only accommodate 150 obviously that won't work.

It’s also important to consider what your guest experience will be, give your friends and family some space. You don’t want to choose a venue that is maxed capacity with your guest count or you will be cramming everyone in like sardines.
What aligns with the vision you have for your wedding day aesthetic? Rustic, elegant, boho? are you looking for indoor/outdoor spaces?

If you are looking at outdoor spaces what is the venue's rain plan? Is there an indoor space available? Is a tent rental required? In fall and spring Indiana can be chilly, are there outdoor heaters available to keep your guests comfortable?
No one wants to fall in love with a venue outside their budget.

Additional things to consider are what is included in the price? Is it all-inclusive? Are table and chair rentals an additional fee? How many hours do you get in the space?

You will also want to know the deposit and payment schedule.
Does the venue have adequate parking?

Do you have our of town guests? Is there lodging nearby?
Do you have guests that need accessibility for wheelchairs or walkers? Some of the more historic venues in Indianapolis may not be accessible or have elevators.
This is a really important question and obviously my personal favorite.

When you envision your wedding photos what do you see? Your photos are what lives on beyond your wedding day and it's important to choose the right venue to capture the photos you want. If you want a lot of nature photos an urban venue won't work. We always have options, we can escape to a nearby park as long as there is space in the timeline or capture your engagement session to get a different feel.

We also know that amazing photos can be captured anywhere.

If you have already chosen your venue and you want to see some of our photography highlights, this page is an excellent resource. If you don't see what you're looking for check back in, we are constantly updating this list.

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