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The Swing Avon Wedding Barn

August Wedding Day

There is a large tree just outside of the ceremony space at Avon Wedding Barn and on this tree there is a swing. Couples love to have wedding photos taken on this swing, and of course they do! A homemade rope swing hanging from a tree creates a really romantic photo.

During the couple's portraits portion of this couple's wedding day I took the traditional photos of them sitting on the swing and smiling at the camera and each other. Then I told them to sit there for a moment and I walked around to the back of the swing.The bride leaned into the groom and kissed her forehead creating this moment. I want your photos to represent you and your unique wedding day and I want you to be able to enjoy each other. It is part of my job as your wedding photographer to know how to create those moments for you.

I can never stress enough how important I believe the couple's portraits portion of the wedding day is. This is the time you get to break away from the party, the guests, and the whirlwind of your wedding day and just be together. It's a time for you to have a moment together and I will authentically document that moment for you forever in timeless photograph.

Location: 7424 E County Road 100 N, Avon, IN 46123.