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Posing for Your Couple's Portraits

Don't, "Do Your Thing.'

This couple was so excited when the sky cleared after a very windy and rainy November wedding day at Avon Wedding and Event Barn and they were able to get some pretty sunset colors as a backdrop for their couple's portraits. We know you want photos of your and your new spouse on your wedding day or you wouldn't be checking out wedding photographer's websites. What goes into getting wedding pictures like this?

With the exception of a few unicorns, most people are not super comfortable in front of my camera and almost no one knows how to pose or what to do with their hands. On your wedding day you are absolutely going to look your best but it's my job to help you not only feel your best but to make sure you are in the most flattering poses possible. Never trust a photographer who tells you to, "Do your thing."

For this image I have the couple stand side by side. I have the bride bend her leg in towards the groom with her ring hand on his chest. I tell the groom to place his hand on her waist, he kisses her forehead while she looks at the camera. This pose also works perfectly for same-sex couples.

For Photographers:

ISO 1000, f4, 1/250, natural light

70mm with a 70-200mm

Edited by Rocco Ancora and Capture to Print

Location: 7424 E Zander Rd 100 N, Avon, IN 46123.