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Black Iris Estate Weddings

Ceremony Bubble Exit

Recessional Kiss Photo

We highly recommend you stop and kiss halfway down the aisle, not only will you get a photo like this but your guests will love it.

As the recessional started in the Willow Chapel at Black Iris Estate, the wedding guests blew bubbles for the couple, the bride and groom stopped halfway down the aisle for a kiss and a photo, the bride dropped her bouquet to her side.

This photo has so many bubbles because the couple had the guests use bubble guns! If you are considering a bubble exit, the little wedding-themed bubbles are adorable to give to your guests but they will not give much of an impact. A few well-placed guests with a little more bubble power will allow me to create beautiful photos (like this one) for you.

For Photographers

ISO 1000, f4.5,1/250

95mm with a 70-200mm lens

natural light

Edited by Rocco Ancora and Capture to Print

Location: 5801 E 116th St, Carmel, IN 46033.