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Rings in Bride's Bouquet

Wedding Detail Photo

The Rings in the Bride's bouquet.

The ring in the flower is a photo I capture at so many weddings every year and still it is never overdone. It's a wedding picture that is always unique and special to the couple it has been created for. The flowers and rings are never the same as anyone else's.

The flowers create a beautiful background to showcase the rings while I am photographing the details of the wedding day. This is a wedding picture that is not only pretty to look at but documents the details of the day that will fad. One day this bride's granddaughter or great-granddaughter will know that her grandmother's bouquet contained pink roses. It's amazing to think that decision could influence that same granddaughter to choose pink roses for her bouquet as well.

Wedding pictures let us relive our wedding days, and they invite future generations to share in moments that happened before they were born. Choose the wedding photographer who doesn't just see a moment but instead sees your legacy.

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