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The Sixpence Wedding Days

Romantic Wedding Photo

At The Sixpence

This photo was taken in the wooded ceremony space at The Sixpence. The groom lifts his bride into the air and spins her around. My shutter snaps on the moment, her bouquet in her hand, she doesn't see the camera or even care that I'm there. Her focus is on the man of her dreams.

This picture was created using a prompt, not a pose. The difference is I will give you directions encouraging you to interact with each other, not a specific way to stand smiling at my camera. The end results are romantic, beautiful, authentic images you will fall in love with.

For Photographers:

Captured with a 70-200mm lens at 122mm on the Nikon Z9 in natural light

ISO 500, f6.3, 1/250

Edited by Rocco Ancora and Capture to Print

Location: 4400 N 1000 E, Whitestown, IN 46075.